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For the love of drawing

I fall in love so easily.


Whether it be a place, people, animals, the sky, the sea or the breath in my lungs - I'm so easily consumed with love so huge it feels impossible to contain. Travelling the world last year, I saw so many places. The bustling, labyrinth of Tokyo, the gracious mountains of New Zealand, the cosmopolitan swing of San Francisco - there was so much to see, and so many people to meet, so much to learn and a world of beauty to draw.


What do you love?

Are you looking for something special for a family member, or friend?


Perhaps you would like a wedding gift created, mapping your shared memories together? ​

Are you an agency looking for that special artist to bring your brief to life with love and attention to detail?

Whoever you are, hello! And welcome to my website. You are very welcome. 

I'd offer you tea, if I could!

For commercial commissions, email me here - contact [at]



To commission a piece of art, here's how it works - 

Our first step - we talk on the phone! My number is on my contact page. You have no obligation to commission, we can just talk about your project.

Second step - we talk about your idea. Tell me what you have in mind, and we can discuss ways to make it happen.  We'll talk about budgets, sizes and other practical things. Costs of original pieces depend on size - a smaller piece may cost 500GBP, but a large complex piece may cost over 3000GBP.

Third step - If you decide to go ahead, I'll send you a commission proposal and some initial sketches, based on our conversation.  

Fourth Step - We will discuss the final look of the piece, based on your feedback of the initial sketches, and you'll pay a 30% deposit. 

Fifth and final step - I will create your piece, and you will receive it via courier to treasure all your days.  

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