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     What's your full name?

    Lizzie Mary Cullen

    Where were you born?

    Glasgow, Scotland

    Where did you grow up?

    The Shire, Middle Earth

    What do you do?

    Illustrator/ design writer/ artist / professional baffoon

    What was your first proper job?

    Working in the local pub

    And after that?

    Serving sh*t at The Slug and Lettuce in Leamington Spa

    And after that?

    On set runner on Harry Potter

    How did you get that?

    Stalked the crew on IMDB for three months
    What's your favourite ever birthday present?

    A bike from my dad 

    What's your favourite ever Christmas present?

    The complete American set of Harry Potter books, illustrated by Mary Grandpre

    How old are you?


    No, really. How old are you?



    What pens do you use?

    Rapidographs or any fineliner.

    What paper do you draw on?

    Unicorn hide

    Do you ever cut the crap and answer questions properly?

  • Do you lecture at colleges and universities?
    Yes. If you'd like me to come to yours, email contact@lizziemarycullen.co.uk