• Lizzie is a multi award-winning illustrator, speaker and artist based in London.
    Graduating from Goldsmiths College in 2008, Lizzie’s work has been featured on BBC, Huffington Post, The Independent, Glamour and more. Her psychogeographic maps and urban ink illustrations have been exhibited internationally in London, New York and Paris.

    Studying at Goldsmiths on the design course from 2005-2008, she found a passion for the situationist movement and urban cartography. After stalking strangers around London and tracking their movements in pen, Lizzie chose the non illegal route of tracking her own experiences of the capital. The result was her London Psychogeography body of work, the vast majority of which has been sold.

    In 2010, Lizzie was named by Design Week magazine as one of the 'Hot 50 People Making a Difference in Design.' Other awards include Association of Illustrators Gold Design Award (2012) and the New Talent Silver Award (2008), New Designers One Year On Award (2009) and Association of Illustrators Professional Awards Shortlist (2013)

    As a professional illustrator, Lizzie's clients include MTV, Lewis Hamilton, Oxfam, HTC, Harvey Nichols, DAKS, Zizzi, Universal, British Gas, Unilever, Ogilvey, The Guardian, Somerset House, Graham and Brown and The London Transport Museum.

    In 2014 Lizzie went to live with the Beehive Design Collective in North East America near the border of Canada in Machias. After working and contributing to the commune, making medicine with the Passamaquoddy tribe, Lizzie was transformed. Everyday Lizzie practises the joy of kindness to people and nature and endeavours to live in the present, treasuring each precious moment on this earth.