Drawing Challenge
The ‘Pendurance Challenge’ – 24 hr non-stop drawing in London directed by suggestions from social networking platform Twitter.

The challenge was to complete 50 London locations in 24 hours, riding to each location on a Boris Bike and working on site on a massive roll of paper. I teamed up with webzine Think-Work-Play, and together we made a wager; if I didn’t complete this challenge, i’d face a humiliating forfeit. So the race was on!

How it worked was Twitter users would tweet their favourite London location, with a good anecdote attached to it, then we would make our way to the chosen place, I would draw it, and it would be uploaded immediately to Flickr. Barclays Cycle Hire had kindly given me a bike key for the duration of the project, and me, my Boris bike and the team at Think-Work-Play started out from Charing Cross at 12pm.

The challenge was a lot harder than I thought it’d be. Not because of the drawing, but when the exhuastion kicked in around 1am, it felt really hard to get back on the bike and ride to the next location. However, with one hour’s sleep at Think-Work-Play’s offices, I completed the challenge, finishing on time at 12pm beneath the London eye, completing my final (50th) illustration.

Then went to have a well earned beer.
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