• Welcome to newsMASH - a weekly dose of illustration journalistic piss-taking which takes the expression 'time waster' to a new level.

    These illustrations are inspired by weekly news coverage. Some of it I've had made up. Some is based on real stuff. Like the Clegg/Cameron sex illustration. We all know what's going on...and most of us puke a little in our mouths at the thought of it, but it's real goddamnit!!!

  • Tax Bastards. Just pay it, you fuckers!
  • Nick Griffin: I'm a massive Doochebag
  • Jim'll Fuck It. Nuf said.
  • Sarah Palin becomes President in 2020. As the World Falls into Darkness and the Sun Turns to Ash, The Golden Year of 2012 becomes a Dim Memory in this Dark and Violent Land
  • The Levenson Enquiry
  • Behind closed doors Nick wears the trousers. Colalition has never looked dirtier.

    Bleeeurgh I just grossed myself out. 
  • Rebekka Brooks goes back in time, and becomes a Russian peasant in 1846. And finds satisfaction in manual labour.  
  • She'd do anything for love, but she won't do THAT. *nod nod wink wink* 
  • Parking Plans Trashed. BOOM. Strippers win. Colin Barrow story about retarded parking plan. Doochebag.
New Series of fantasy news coverage inspired by current events and people in the public eye. First few below – enjoy! Will be updated regularly as news tends to be quite regular.
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