New Series of fantasy news coverage inspired by current events and people in the public eye. First few below – enjoy! Will be updated regularly as news tends to be quite regular.
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  • Welcome to newsMASH - a weekly dose of illustration journalistic piss-taking which takes the expression 'time waster' to a new level.

    These illustrations are inspired by weekly news coverage. Some of it I've had made up. Some is based on real stuff. Like the Clegg/Cameron sex illustration. We all know what's going on...and most of us puke a little in our mouths at the thought of it, but it's real goddamnit!!!

  • Tax Bastards. Just pay it, you fuckers!
  • Nick Griffin: I'm a massive Doochebag
  • Jim'll Fuck It. Nuf said.
  • Sarah Palin becomes President in 2020. As the World Falls into Darkness and the Sun Turns to Ash, The Golden Year of 2012 becomes a Dim Memory in this Dark and Violent Land
  • The Levenson Enquiry
  • Behind closed doors Nick wears the trousers. Colalition has never looked dirtier.

    Bleeeurgh I just grossed myself out. 
  • Rebekka Brooks goes back in time, and becomes a Russian peasant in 1846. And finds satisfaction in manual labour.  
  • She'd do anything for love, but she won't do THAT. *nod nod wink wink* 
  • Parking Plans Trashed. BOOM. Strippers win. Colin Barrow story about retarded parking plan. Doochebag.